London Property Buying Agents

Stacks were founders of the property search industry in 1984, and have been honing our professional skills for 31 years to give the best service and advice to our clients.

Time and time again, our clients have found our services as buying agents our services invaluable – we have saved them time and money, spotted pitfalls, identified potential and made sure that they got their key in the door of the property that they wanted.

Our team have many, many years of experience and knowledge in the London property market, operating at all levels of the market.

We know what’s happening in the market.  We can put you into the right neighbourhoods, the right streets and we know what you should and shouldn’t be paying.

The 3 Main Areas of Buying

The search

We like to meet or discuss your requirements.  We scour the market, tapping into our extensive network of agents and property professionals to find the best available properties both on and off the market. We offer orientation tours when you need help working out where best to buy.  We will accompany you on all viewings and will continue to search until we have found the right property for you.


Stacks London will investigate every aspect of your selected property and the vendor’s situation in order to negotiate the best possible price for you.


We will carry out due diligence, communicate constantly with the solicitors, agents and surveyors in order to ensure that you are buying the right property for the right price.

To contact any of our property experts about our buying service call on: 44(0) 207 458 4155